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Take home the magic of the Hundred Aker Wood with this unique, custom-designed signpost decoration featuring all of the essential Winnie The Pooh locations, straight from the books and movies. Get the ornament kit for your Christmas tree, or the standard kit for placement around your house or garden.

Each sign kit includes the following direction signs: 100 Aker Wood, Pooh Bears Place, Piglets House, Rabbits Place, Tiggers House, Owls Tree, Eeyores Gloomy Place. The ornament kit comes with a detachable ornament string.

You can buy the disassembled kit if you enjoy a craft project, and put the signs together any way you want with super glue or white Elmer's glue. You can also purchase the assembled ornament, ready to go and complete with a free gift box!

*Note - the apostrophes in the signs are intentionally omitted to match the style of spelling in Whinnie the Pooh. They can be included in the design upon request.*

Winnie The Pooh Direction Signpost Decoration | DIY Kit | Children's Books

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