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The Maveric-1

The Maveric-1 is a 3D printed, reusable, washable, moldable face mask that allows the user to heat and mold the mask shell to one's facial features.


Included in Kit: Mask Shell, 3 premade filters, 2 bands, 2 band clips, and instructions. Instructions found in package.The Maveric-1 filters, included with the kit, use two sheets of 100% Baltimore Cotton, secured inside of our interchangeable filter frame. All cotton used in the 'Maveric-1 Collection' has a thread count of 300 (Above the CDC recommendation of 180 thread count for DIY Masks).

DISCLAIMER: This product is not FDA approved and we make no claims about preventing COVID-19 particles. If you are in a setting where medical grade PPE is required, please seek guidance from medical experts

The Maveric-1

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